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English  speaking  teachers  for  foreign  students

Foreign students are welcome to get high quality medical education…

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Стоматолог – потрібна і високооплачувана професія, а що попереду? У майбутньому ті досягнення в галузі електроніки, біо-, нанотехнологій, що використовує  стоматологія сьогодні й ті, котрі лише створюються, увійдуть в практику, але все ще будуть дорогими технологіями. Почнеться активна робота, щоб зробити їх доступними для багатьох, і тут знадобляться відповідні фахівці…

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Академія - це живий організм, що
об'єднує в собі не лише навчальну,
але й лікувальну, й науково-дослідну
роботу. Якщо ти готовий вибрати
відповідальну, але прекрасну
професію лікаря, тоді чекаємо
на тебе!
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КВК – це не просто гра
а стиль життя,
це не просто команда,
а середовище,
під впливом якого всі в Академії
поділяються на вболівальників і гравців.


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Дорогі наші студенти! Прийміть щирі вітання зі святом, Днем Студента!
Спартакіада - 2016 в Дарницькому районі Києва, що проводилась...

The International Academy of Ecology and Medicine was established in order to implement European standards in the field of education, taking into account recent changes in the legislation of Ukraine and ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine international treaties and also developments of the best specialists in the Health field.

Today the Academy is a living organism that incorporates not only educational, but also medical and scientific research.

The Academy trains physicians in specialties 7.12010001 Medicine and 7.12010005 Dentistry and pharmacists in specialty Pharmacy 5.12020101 under a license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine AE # 270728, 02 July 2013.

Academy as a higher education institution has an active position on restructuring the content and form of training, according to the principles of the Bologna Declaration in Ukraine's higher education that will allow current and future generations of young people to obtain higher medical education at the European level.

The results of the monitoring of the labor market showed that the Academy has a number of advantages over other institutions which operate in our state and in our region and provide educational medical services, namely:

1. The Academy cooperates with a number of foreign countries in the training of physicians in the system of educational franchising.

2. The Academy actively works with in-depth study of homeopathy and herbal medicine. Professor, academician of the International Academy of Integrative Anthropology Natalia Kostynska teaches the above mentioned disciplines. She is a leading expert on these issues in our country.

There is not in Ukraine a professor of homeopathy and an anthroposophic medicine specialist who is certified as a lecturer by the World Center of Anthroposophic Medicine in Goetheanum (Switzerland) except professor N.Kostynska.

3. The Academy has the Department of anthroposophic medicine which is unique in Ukraine and works closely with the Center of Anthroposophic Medicine in Switzerland (Goetheanum). This is good for creating a holistic, comprehensive world view of the future doctor to treat a sick person.

4. The Academy organized an in-depth study of endocrine surgery at the Center of Diabetic Foot which is a single center in Kiev.

5. The Academy pays special attention to the impact of environmental factors on the peculiarities of the humans disease in forming world view of doctors.

6. The Academy cooperates with international and national health agencies and organizations, including the Thrombosis Research Institute (England), the McMaster University (Canada), the Timi Group (USA), National Science Center of Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology (Ukraine), the Association of Cardiologists of Ukraine and Kyiv City Heart Center.

7. Students of the Academy are widely involved in research work in the Student Society. The students have the opportunity to report at scientific conferences for students and young scientists about the results of their studies.

8. Professors of the Academy widely use latest teaching methods: simulations of global processes, psycho, discussions, etc. during the learning process.

9. The students have many opportunities for sports and participation in amateur performances, themed evenings, parties and so on.

Adequate infrastructure that meets current standards (lecture halls, computer labs, library, reading rooms and gyms, etc.) was created in the Academy. It meets the needs and abilities of the students in obtaining certain knowledge and skills according to their abilities in combination with modern educational technology.

Research and teaching staff of the Academy is able to carry out the teaching of subjects of the curriculum, to conduct researches and to promote their implementation in practice competently with the responsibility.

The Department of Internal Medicine is located at the Department of the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital # 1. It is the basis for clinical trials of drugs of leading pharmaceutical companies of our country and the world (such as PFIZER, GLAXO). This process is widely involved senior students of Dental Faculty that positively affects the formation of clinical thinking of future doctors.

Students study Course of Surgical Stomatology at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital # 1 (such departments are only two in Kyiv), while other institutions of higher education in Medicine conduct such training at the outpatient clinics. The Head of the Department of Dentistry is Iryna Borysova, MD.

The Department of Dentistry constantly introduces advanced technology of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common dental diseases in the learning process.

Work on the prevention of dental diseases in kindergartens significantly improves success of students. Research and teaching staff of the Department of Dentistry created an educational film with the next name “Lessons oral hygiene with children from 3 to 6 years”. Students spend of health lessons in the Preschool institution # 89, the school # 30, Rainbow school-kindergarten, Slavic school in Kyiv under the supervision of teaching staff of the Department. It helps to put into practice the theoretical material to prevent dental diseases and observe the effectiveness of the implementation of preventive measures.

Students have the opportunity not only to learn about the latest technologies of leading dental companies such as Dentsply, Oral-B, Colgate, Lacalut, GC and others companies but also to master a certification procedure of restoration and reconstruction of teeth and other methods using endo devices of leading European companies.

The Academy developed a unique method of complex treatment of dysfunction temporomandibular joint of different origin. Students master a modern technology of prosthetics.

Students who participate in conferences for students and young scientists as well as graduates of the Academy receive gifts of modern hygiene and dental materials.

The following departments are functioning in the Academy.